Linda Ruescher is an award winning health educator, speaker, author and musician. 

Sidelined by a life threatening and acute onset of systemic lupus erythematosus, I was on disability for four years. 

Depressed, frustrated and poor, I searched for a way to have a life again. No one teaches us how to be sick for the rest of our lives. No one teaches us to be sick well. 

I refused to be helpless in the face of this debilitating disease. At age 55, I cobbled together a work life and went off disability. At 67, I am still happily working and writing. 

I am a master trainer for Stanford's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. 

I give presentations on using body, mind, and spirit to manage our health, find purpose, and create a new normal in the face of chronic illness.  Contact me about speaking.

Lupus brought me a new career. I spend my time and energy helping others live their best life in spite of chronic illness. Half of all Americans have at least one chronic condition. You are not alone. 

I found a way to reclaim my life. 
You can too!
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Never deny a diagnosis, 
but do deny 
the negative verdict
that goes with it. 
Norman Cousins