Lupus is a complicated autoimmune disease. In lupus, the immune system mistakenly identifies health parts of the self for destruction. About half of lupus patients will develop lupus kidney disease (nephritis).

An estimated 1.5 million Americans have lupus and 5 million worldwide. Nine out of ten lupus patients are women with the average age of onset during the childbearing years. Lupus is more prevalent in people of color. There is no cure. 

Lupus is managed by suppressing the immune system. The following links provide credible and trustworthy information about lupus. 


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Those of us with lupus find it hard to describe the experience of living with the disease. Healthy family and friends have a hard time understanding our lived experience. These videos are helpful in explaining life with lupus.

Lupus is not contagious. You cannot catch lupus and you cannot give lupus to someone. Lupus is not cancer. Lupus is not a blood disease, but it can affect the blood.